Orphan Espresso Lido E coffee grinder

16-11-2016: Update after one year with the Lido E

My first coffee was, as for many people in Holland, coffee from a pour over machine with a filter. As I got older I started taking coffee a little bit more seriously so I bought a Quickmill machine. When the first machine started to fall apart I bought a second one, the classic 820. The first grinder I used was a Hario manual grinder (later followed by a Porlex grinder) which is great for pour over coffee but is struggling when you desire a finer grind for espresso. I used it with the Quickmill 820 machine and it worked quite well, or at least I thought so at the time.

When I upgraded to a second hand BFC Junior Levetta espresso machine, a HX based on the well-known e61 group, I immediately noticed the Hario couldn’t keep up. So I bought a Mazzer Mini Electronic and pretty quickly changed the burrs to those designed for the Mazzer SJ. I still have and use this combination and am really happy with it, although I would like to try a lever machine some day. But that’s a different story. Continue reading

The Surly Ogre and a Shimano Alfine 8

For the last year I have been busy getting adjusted to a beautiful new familiy member: a son called Boris. This big change in our lives has been the main reason that I don’t have, or make, enough time to regularly post on my blog. Also, I have been DJ-ing a lot less because I’m getting up earlier than I used to and I’d like to get some sleep before going to my day job. Continue reading

Benjamin Herman – Café Solo

Het vertolken van een evergreen is een risicovolle onderneming. Er moet toch weer een eigen, en niet te vergeten interessante, draai aan dat platgespeelde stuk muziek gegeven worden. Het resultaat is niet altijd een succes te noemen, denk maar aan de vele vlakke en fantasieloze uitvoeringen van Summertime, nr. 1 op mijn lijst van uitgekakte evergreens.
En uitgerekend dát nummer staat op de tracklist van dit album van Benjamin Herman. Dat hij er vervolgens met Ernst Glerum en Joost Patocka zo’n mooie versie van weet te maken zou gezien zijn eerdere prestaties eigenlijk niet moeten verbazen. En hoewel ze het arrangement trouw blijven geven ze er toch weer een frisse draai aan, mede dankzij de strijkstok van Glerum (goed luisteren!).
Benjamin Herman – Summertime

Fixed gear bike with 650b wheels

I have been toying with bikes for some years now. First there were the mountain bikes and after a hiatus of two years I started with my first fixed gear bike. I can’t remember how I got triggered to build a fixed gear bike, but it probably had something to do with the simplicity (I very much like the clean look) and the fact that they do not require a lot of maintenance.

The frame I bought for my first project was an old Koga Miyata that was powdercoated white by the previous owner and had already been used as a single speed bike. When I got tired of the white hipster frame I tracked down a second Koga Miyata using Marktplaats, the dutch equivalent of eBay. I stripped all the parts (a combination of newish and incredibly old stuff) and slowly started buiding a totally different bike. Continue reading

Dexter Gordon

Het vakje onder de G in de platenkast wordt de laatste tijd aangevuld met flink wat Dexter Gordon lp’s. Een toelichting over het hoe en waaromlijkt mij overbodig als je onderstaand filmpje van een zeer jonge Gordon bekijkt.

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